Individual Membership Applications

Achieve records and verifies your education and training achievements in Develop with each application submission. This enables the Develop system to assign your Career Lattice step and recognize you as a Develop Individual member.

  • Electronic access to a Develop membership card
    • Use the Develop app to access your membership card to:
      • Track Develop face-to-face training events
      • Have attendance verified instantly by the training event trainer
  • Receive a Career Lattice step certificate that showcases your achievements
  • Have your acceptable professional development records stored privately in Develop’s database
  • Apply for Trainer or Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) Specialist membership approval
  • Participate in Parent Aware
  • Apply for grants and scholarships

Your Learning Record is a Develop feature accessible to you any time you need it! Your record includes your verified education and training hours in one easy to read document. This powerful tool is acceptable and used by:

  • Achieve Partners
  • Employers
  • Scholarship and Grant application reviewers
  • Regulatory Agencies*
    *Check with your county licensor to see if your Learning Record is acceptable for your licensing needs

Log in to Develop to access your Learning Record. For steps on how to access this, please review Develop’s technical help guide: Develop – How To Print Your Learning Record

Explore this interactive professional development tool and discover how to plan your successful career in childhood care and education. Click below to:

  • Identify your strengths using Develop’s ITNA (Individual Training Needs Assessment) tool
  • Locate education and training resources
  • Discover new career options

Discover helpful policies, guides, and other information to help you successfully complete your Develop membership application.


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