Relationship-Based Professional Development

Relationship-Based Professional Development (RBPD) support focuses on learning through one-on-one interactions between practitioners and coaches, consultants, or mentors. The goal of this type of individualized support is to improve children’s developmental outcomes by increasing practitioners’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.  RBPD Specialists provide practitioners with competency-based expert guidance and customized support to foster professional growth and career achievement.

RBPD Specialists do more than give advice and support! Specialists promote high-quality care and teaching practices based on research-based best approaches and strategies in the field (CEED, 2016).

At Achieve we proudly facilitate the approval of RBPD Specialists!

Resources: Center for Early Education and Development. (2016, August). Minnesota’s knowledge and competency framework for relationship based professional development specialists.

Are you interested in becoming an Achieve approved RBPD Specialist? Excellent! Your first step is to complete all of the approval requirements for the specific RBPD type you are interested in becoming.

The Center for Early Education and Development (CEED) at the University of Minnesota has more information on RBPD Specialist support as well as an RBPD Specialist Manual.

Minnesota’s Knowledge and Competency Framework (KCF) for Relationship-based Professional Development Specialists supports the work of RBPD Specialists.


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