About Achieve – The MN Center for Professional Development


In 2014 the Minnesota Department of Human Services – Child Development Services asked The Registry, Inc. to administer and operate the MN Center for Professional Development on interim basis.

Within a year and a half, considerable performance improvements, consistently met deadlines and expectations, and positive cross-sector collaborations proved that the Achieve Team at The Registry, Inc. was the right team to support Minnesota’s early childhood care and education workforce long-term.

After nearly a decade of providing quality customer service & support, the Achieve Team proudly provides a comprehensive approach to career development, promotes members’ professional growth, and contributes to workforce data and research.

Mission and Values

Since 2014, Achieve has provided high quality support services with the intention to raise the capacity and competencies of educators in MN. In collaboration with DHS and partner agencies, Achieve strives to professionalize childhood care and education by defining and promoting excellence by recognizing and celebrating professional achievements, promoting and supporting professional growth, and designing and aligning career pathways.

We value our integrity and the impact it has on the customer service experience. Achieve staff are honest, trustworthy, and reliable. We strive to do all that is appropriate to achieve the best customer satisfaction outcomes. 

We value collaboration and it’s role in creative problem solving. We value the diversity and unique contributions of our individual staff members. We develop positive relationships and work collectively to accomplish our mission. 

We value respect for our teammates and those we serve. We uphold a standard of conduct that recognizes and values the contributions of all. We foster an inclusive work environment that promotes open communication. Achieve encourages a healthy and productive exchange of new and diverse ideas.   

We value accountability and strive to contribute positively to the MN Early Care and Education landscape. We provide support services to educators in the MN Early Care and Education workforce. We set high standards for ourselves and the agency by operating with open communication, transparency, timeliness, and continuous quality improvement. 

Customer Service

The Achieve team is proud to offer Develop members excellent customer service. Last quarter, we solved over 2,300 tickets with an almost 96% satisfaction rate! We turned your feedback into a word cloud that we are honored to share with you.