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Achieve supports Develop’s Trainer Membership application process and promotes quality professional development opportunities in the Early Childhood and School-Age field. As a Develop Approved Trainer* you have a tremendous opportunity to impact the lives of Minnesota’s early care and education providers.

* Develop Trainers are independent contractors. Trainer Membership is not an employment contract and does not guarantee ongoing work opportunities within the Develop system.

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Trainer Membership Companion Guide

Interested in facilitating Develop Approved Training Events across the state of Minnesota? Apply to become a Develop Approved Trainer today! Our Trainer Approval Membership Companion Guide is a helpful tool for identifying available Trainer types to apply for and their requirements. As a Develop Approved Trainer you support knowledge building for Minnesota’s Early Childhood and School-Age workforce!

Develop’s Search for Training Calendar

Upon approval, Trainers will gain special access to Schedule Approved Training Events in the Develop system. This marketing tool is free and the Training Events listed reaches Early childhood and School Age professionals throughout the state!

Develop’s Trainer and Course Writer Directories

Participation in Develop’s public Trainer and Course Writer Directories allows Training Sponsor Organizations and Center Directors to contact you for their training needs. As always, participation is always optional.

Quality Assurance

The quality of all approved learning opportunities found in the Develop system are important for the success of the Early Childhood Education workforce as well as for the children they educate and care for. Minnesota’s Professional Development system relies on participant feedback to ensure quality expectations are being met. This feedback can be collected through the use of Develop’s Trainer and Training Evaluation Tool and/or the Training Quality Concern Policy. Click below to learn more.

More Resources

Looking for more resources to support you on your professional development journey? Check out the Trainer Membership Resources page for links, guides, and more!

Develop Navigation Support

Navigating Develop is easy with the help of the Develop Help Desk and “How do I?…” guides.

Contact  the Develop Help Desk Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with extended hours on Tuesday and Thursday until 7 p.m. by phone at 844-605-6938 or email at 

Need help after hours? Send them an email or leave a detailed message.

Trainer Membership Application Processing

We use the Develop system to process all Develop Trainer membership application submissions. Complete membership applications are processed in the order they are received. This ensures your application is processed fairly and accurately. Allow up to 30 business days for this process.




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