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Relationship-Based Professional Development (RBPD) Specialists support learning through one-on-one interactions with Early Childcare Practitioners. The goal of this type of individualized support is to improve children’s developmental outcomes by increasing practitioners’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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RBPD Endorsements

Develop currently offers 13 pathways for approval. Each pathway is called an RBPD Endorsement. Most of these endorsements require verified employment with a specific agency. Review each endorsement and its requirements by selecting the option that matches your employment status below.

Develop’s Trainer Directory

RBPD Specialists can participate in Develop’s public Trainer Directory under the RBPD Specialist option. This directory allows Training Sponsor Organizations, Center Directors, Family Child Care Providers, etc. to connect with approved RBPD Specialists for their coaching/mentoring needs. As always, participation is always optional. Check out the Trainer Directory to learn more.

More Resources

Looking for more resources to support you on your professional development journey? Check out the RBPD Membership Resources page for links, guides, and more!

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Navigating Develop is easy with the help of the Develop Help Desk and “How do I?…” guides.

Contact  the Develop Help Desk Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with extended hours on Tuesday and Thursday until 7 p.m. by phone at 844-605-6938 or email at 

Need help after hours? Send them an email or leave a detailed message.

RBPD Membership Application Processing

We use the Develop system to process all Develop RBPD membership application submissions. Complete membership applications are processed in the order they are received. This ensures your application is processed fairly and accurately. Allow up to 30 business days for this process.




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