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To Send or Not to Send?

Sometimes it’s easier to know what NOT to send. Each document received via mail or printed from email/fax is thoroughly reviewed. Most applications contain documents of which over half are not acceptable. Based on the number of unacceptable documents Achieve receives, we can safely conclude: Some applicants spend a lot of time and energy gathering documents they don’t need to send. The team at Achieve spend hours sifting through documents to find acceptable submissions. Time spent here prolongs the application process for everyone in line waiting to be processed, even those who followed the Acceptable Documentation policy. In the spirit of speeding up the process for you and Achieve we’ve identified the top five documents not to send.
Achieve Staff

Workflow Series: Your Achieve Adventure Awaits!

Picture this: It's just you, your achievements, and your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You just submitted your new or renewal Individual Membership application online using Develop. You're imagining your crisp new fancy Career Lattice Step certificate and can't wait for it to arrive by mail. Maybe you've already bought the perfect picture frame to display it proudly on your wall . . . a couple weeks pass and you think, "Why is it taking so long to process my application?"